Friday, May 16, 2008

[UAV] 080513 Flight Test

Because Shawn has to realize the heading tracking of SWAN, and I also want to apply my method of attitude determination for the model-scaled helicopter, we decided to have another flight test.

On that day, only H-LING was tested. And the number of the testing group was the least one: only 3 people.

CH, Shawn, and me, we went to Saikang with the H-LING system in one car. That's really a simple team. I was the pilot, CH took the video, and Shawn was in charge of the GCS.

The PA of the H-LING seemed not good according to the report by Shawn in real time. After the flight test, I ran the code to check the PA and found they were totally unacceptable... We didn't know why then, but later, with another flight test, we have known that's due to the GPS receiver.

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