Sunday, May 11, 2008

[UAV] 080505 Flight Test

Only SWAN had flown for test that day. The AHRS was still not usable under the vibration. The attitudes, especially the roll angle, were not reasonable. Therefore, SWAN didn't perform expected autonomous flight.

The weather became worse after SWAN's flight test. It rained, and we decided to terminate the tests before our gears got into the rain. We had too much stuff to load them back to the car in time. Fortunately, our pilot's car offered a good shelter for our aircraft. He even drove these things back to our lab. Thanks for his great help!

Okay, only one thing was worthy for me to record, that is, the inverted hovering of the RC helicopter which is shown in the photo. However, I found only 20% performance of what I have in the simulator can be realized in actual RC flight... Orz

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