Wednesday, May 07, 2008

[UAV] 080501 Flight Test

The flight tests were completed without too severe problem. Only the SP-X.6 had a hard landing due to the pilot's concern. Because the runway end located high bush, it has been a obstacle threatening the pilot as landing. The pilot wanted to slow down the aircraft while avoiding the bush in the same time, then the SP-X.6 went into stall just before flare. Fortunately, only the nose gear was bended and no more damage else.

SWAN did some fuzzy control to track given heading. Some results were good and some were unacceptable. After checking the onboard program, we found the cause. The definitions of the heading were not consistent. One was defined from 0 to 360 and another was from -180 to +180. Therefore, when the heading was given westward, then the SWAN went the wrong response.

H-LING also tested with the FLC and some results were not bad. The helicopter held itself in hovering for several seconds, and the longest one was about 12 or 13 seconds. However, we found the recorded data showed some unexpected results. The FLC controlled the helicopter toward the desired attitude and then drifted away sometimes. The reason has not been figured out yet.

More photos can be seen HERE.

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