Wednesday, January 23, 2013

iBus 的行列輸入法 (Array30 input method of iBus)

If you want to use Array30 input method in iBus, remember to choose ``ibus-array'' package instead of ``ibus-table-array30''. The former one acts identical to that runs on Windows and makes fast input possible.

Once you installed ibus-array successfully, there will be an icon with blue character as the following one:
ibus-array icon

If your icon is a red one looks like this:
ibus-table-array30 icon
then you have the wrong choice.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

To-Do List of 2013

Hmm... It's already 16th January, and suddenly I feel like to make a to-do list of this year. Actually, I've never made any annual plan before, but I think it's would be good to list what I want to do in the year on my own blog and to keep tracking my progress of the to-do items.

The following list shows things I am doing or want to do:
  1. to take open courses on Coursera
  2. to complete EGGN 512 Computer Vision course on YouTube
  3. to read and to do exercises of Programming Computer Vision with Python

Coursera is a great place to find something to learn. And I think joining a course to keep learning progress is a good idea. So far I've taken two courses and found they are fun: Introduction to Astronomy and Programming Languages.

For the EGGN 512 Computer Vision by William Hoff, I've followed the videos in last year but was failed to keep learning. So this is my second trial to follow the course at my own tempo. I don't want to fail it again.

It is not only the videos. There is a reference book Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications by Richard Szeliski. This could be a heavy burden for me to read it thoroughly.

Finally, I would like to pick up Python programming again. It has been out of my life for a while and I want it back. Because I have to learn these stuff in limited time and energy, I decided to learn computer vision techniques with Python as the programming tool.

In fact my list could be longer, but the presented items will definitely consume out my leisure time. So I think it's better not be too greedy or I might get nothing as the end of 2013.

Okay. List has been determined.

Get thing done. And just do it. :-)