Monday, January 29, 2007

[Heli] Canopy Painting for T-rex 450SE

The original plastic white was a little boring, so I decided to add some colour on our lab's T-rex 450SE. It's the metal blue, and looks not bad. If I have more time, I think I will apply another colour, maybe the metal gray, on the bottom of this canopy.

Monday, January 15, 2007

[Heli] My 1st Inverted Flight

Date: 2007/01/11
Location: In fornt of the IAA building
Heli: T-rex 450SE

Here is the video taken by my friend with his new mobile phone:

After the 1st inverted flight, I was very excited and tense. During the 2nd trial, I pull down the collective pitch too slow and T-rex fell down... Orz

Although I crashed the helicopter, this is still a good beginning for me. I felt the true manuever with T-rex. I think I can do it better during the next flight! :-)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

[Heli] T-rex 450SE is ready for 3D flying!

Our lab bought the T-rex 450XL last year and it has been hovered or flew in simple way by 4 members in our lab. Several weeks ago, I think it is time to upgrade our skill and of course as well as the helicopter. Based on the experience with the T-rex 450XL, the T-rex 450SE became the first (maybe the only one) choice. To purchase the T-rex 450SE, we can get information and help easily.

Because I had the assembage experience of the T-rex 450XL, I started to assemble the new coming T-rex 450SE by myself. However, I encountered some troubles in setting the servos up. The side plates are different from the T-rex 450XL. I didn't sure how to fix and trim the servos with thier arms. I had no idea about the position for the speed controller, the receiver, the battery, and so on.

Finally, I decided to ask someone who is expert in this. Siau-Chong is the one who can solve my problems. He assembled the rest parts and set everything ready.

I went to Beng-ka, a RC hobby shop, to take the T-rex 450SE back. Wow, it is really a good job! Everything was considered and settled. Even the heat-shrink tube was used to protect the cable line of servos. I never think about those details before!

Here are some pictures to show the work. For your reference if you also need some example to learn the arrangement of the 450 electrical helicopter.