Monday, May 12, 2008

[UAV] 080509 Flight Test

Yes, we conducted 3 flight tests in a single week! My God, it really made us exhausted.

Some good results, however, was obtained.

We tested SWAN and H-LING that day. The attitude determination methodology of SWAN had been modified. When the pilot switched SWAN to auto-mode, I felt some tension as SWAN rolled too one side. But it turned back!

SWAN did ugly but stable autonomous ``straight'' flight. It ``meandered'' across the sky along the desired heading. Some modification of the attitude determination method seems necessary, and we have decide to accomplish it before the next flight test.

We found a problem of H-LING's fuzzy logic controller. The attitudinal inputs didn't fired the corresponding rules. This might be the cause of the poor resistance of H-LING to the side wind. H-LING cannot restore its own attitudes after deviating from the trim condition, and the unfired rules might be the reason.

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