Wednesday, March 20, 2013

'WIN32': No such file or directory

I was rebuilding a project given by my colleague and encountered strange error message:

c1xx : fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file: 'WIN32': No such file or directory

This error was caused by an empty path variable [1] $(OPEN_NI_INCLUDE) which (I guess) indicates the directory containing the installed OpenNI SDK. It was empty because I forgot to restart Visual Studio after install the SDK... :-p

So the solution is simple: restart Visual Studio and the path variable will be set.


After solving the previous problem, I got another similar problem which related to the Linker path.

I used the set command [2] in cmd of Windows to the list environment variables about OpenNI:
OPEN_NI_BIN64=C:\Program Files\OpenNI\Bin64
OPEN_NI_INCLUDE=C:\Program Files\OpenNI\Include
OPEN_NI_INSTALL_PATH64=C:\Program Files\OpenNI\
OPEN_NI_LIB64=C:\Program Files\OpenNI\Lib64
Then I changed $(OPEN_NI_LIB) to $(OPEN_NI_LIB64) and the new error message said the file OpenNI.lib cannot be found, and the reason was it should be  OpenNI64.lib in my system. The right place to change the library file name is in the following path:
Properties -> Configuration Properties -> Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies

[1] Cannot open source file: 'WIN32': No such file or directory
[2] How can I display the contents of an environment variable from the command prompt in Windows 7?

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