Thursday, March 21, 2013

Change VS2005 project from Win32 to x64

I was rebuilding a Win32 project in my x64 Win7 PC. The online sources [1][2] told me just to change the active project configuration from Win32 to x64, but my VS2005 has no x64 option. Then it occurred to me that maybe I didn't install something related to x64 modules when installing the VS2005, so I checked it by using the installation package.

Figure 1 showed the installed modules of my VS2005 and really the x64 tools were not selected for installation. The following step was simple. Just select the x64 item and installed it.
Fig 1. The original VS2005 had no x64 tools installed

After the installation, I launched my VS2005 and check the configuration Manager. Figure 2 showed the original Win32 platform option before the installation of the x64 tools.
Fig 2. There was only a Win32 option before the installation of the x64 tools

I chose <New...> from Active solution platform and the pull down menu showed the x64 option.

After selecting the x64 configuration, the project had been changed to x64 platform.

Now I could build x64 project with my VS2005. But I doubt when I will use it. :-p

[1] 64-bit and Visual Studio 2005
[2] How to: Configure Visual C++ Projects to Target 64-Bit Platforms

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