Saturday, September 19, 2009

[QnA] SCIM setting in Debian

When I was installing the Debian, I chose the language environment as English. It always looks better in English environment, for me. This setting has a disadvantage, however, when I need to view or read articles and files in Chinese. Also, sometimes I need to type Chinese even Japanese for searching or composing text files. As a result, I have to make my system capable of showing Chinese characters and to let me input Chinese characters as well.

In Ubuntu, there is an easy way to add new language setting by using System --> Administration --> Language Support. When I tried to do the same thing, however, I found there was no Language Support in Debian. Then the how-to I found is ``Chinese Debian Mini Howto.'' Things were easy, until I installed SCIM and then had no idea how to active it.

Although I have two or three times of experience about SCIM installation in Ubuntu, I actually didn't remember what I had done. I just had the icon on the tray but didn't know how to activate it by pressing Ctrl+Space.

After referred to the following links, I tried to edit the content of ``/etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/all_ALL'' and then got SCIM work as my expectation.

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