Thursday, September 17, 2009

[QnA] Mount the USB device at fixed mount point

It's easy to use USB stick when the system can mount it automatically. But in my case, Ubuntu mounts my Sony USB stick with nonsense name such as ``/media/disk-1,'' so I wanted to know how to mount my Sony USB stick with fixed name (mount point), for example, ``/media/sonyusb.''

There is an easy way to do it via GUI setting. Right click on the device icon on the Desktop, then
Properties --> Volume --> Settings --> Mount Point

But WAIT!! Do NOT type absolute path name like ``/media/theNameYouWant.'' Simply give it ``theNameYouWant,'' or you will get error message with your USB stick unmounted.

If you've fallen into the strape, just as what I did, then here is also an easy way to recover it. Use gconf-editor. Type ``gconf-editor'' in the command line and it will give you a friendly GUI as the follows.

In my case, the wrong setting was found in the so-called key ``/system/storage/volumes/_org_freedesktop_Hal_devices_volume_uuid_0829_A0F0.'' The value was ``/media/sonyusb'' and it was not right.

Click on the value field then you can correct it.


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