Monday, February 06, 2006

[Heli] Test of T-REX 450XL CCPM (2)

I repaired the landing skid and replace the plastic CCPM swash plate with a metallic one for T-rex. It looks good!

With the experience yesterday, I have more confidence with today's test. However, I still made some stupid mistakes: Flight without checking all the control surfaces' motion.

The rolling motion is reversed but I was not aware of it. This negligence led to a wrong rolling motion when T-rex was ready to lift up. Again, God blessed this poor helicopter. The main rotor hit the ground, but no visible damage occured.

After correcting the servo's setting of the transmitter, I tried to test T-rex again. Suddenly, one tail blade shoot off!! I am not sure what is the cause. Maybe the tail rotor was damaged in yesterday's "accident", or maybe I didn't screw the tail blade properly.

Actually, T-rex did not really take off. Because I didn't dare to lift it off in our lab's small space, it just slided over the ground.

I will take it to a wider place for next flight test. Of course, it will take off... I hope so...

GOOD habits before flight:
  • Check all the control surfaces' motion

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