Tuesday, February 21, 2006

[Heli] T-rex landing skid modification

These days, one of my junior Scott is wroking hard on the landing skid modification and trial for the T-rex. We need a "higher" landing skid for efficient space to mount some equipments.

Original design is to put T-rex on an big case, then fix this case on one of my Baron's landing skid. This big case is for equipping experiment's sensors or hardwares. Unfortunately, this arrangement does not work. It suffers extreme vibration! This unwanted vibration does not passed even when T-rex takes off. Therefore, Scott searches for another design.

A thinner case is used, and this considerably reduces the vibration. Scott found the aluminium landing gear for small R/C aircrafts yesterday, and he decided to use it to replace the Baron's landing skid.

We test the newest landing skid today afternoon, but T-rex cannot take off smoothly. Maybe the c.g. (center of gravity) is not at proper location, and also T-rex is not adjusted to a good situation. All these, of course, are due to my immature R/C experiences. :p

The yellow sphere is Scott's gimbaled CCD camera set. It's nickname is "紅の豚", and this name means "Red pig".

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