Wednesday, February 08, 2006

[Heli] SR-3 mode of FF9 transmitter

Yseterday I learned more about the setting of electric helicopters.

I have to thank God for not let the T-rex take off or there might be a crash. T-rex takes a swashplate design with 3 inputs at 120°. I have no idea that I should select "SR-3" type in the transmitter. Therefore, I cannot figure out why the servos' motion lead to such a strenge movements of the swashplate. For example, why the pitch stick didn't make a "collective" pitch movement? But only tilted one side of it?

Consulting an introduction article, I know that I misunderstood the meaning of CCPM (Cyclic/Collective Pitch Mixing). I always think that CCPM is a particular type of mechanism design which use 3 servos' inputs with 120° arrangement. Hence when I saw the strenge movement of the T-rex's swashplate, I supposed that it is because of the CCPM's design. In fact, it is just because that I didn't choose correct transmitter's parameters (the SR-3 type).

Besides, consulting the Nigel Fraser Ker's tutorial article, I learned about the knowledge of throttle cuve and pitch curve. It has confused me for many years and I never take it seriously due to my own laziness.

  • The linkage about the swashplate could be adjusted by mecahnical or digital way
  • Make sure the parameters of the transmitter is correct
  • Good tutorial information could reduce the cost and time considerablely

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