Thursday, February 16, 2006

[Heli] T-Rex maiden flight

New metal tail elements, new main rotor blades... T-Rex seems ready to take-off!! Okay, in fact it's my eagerness to flight it. :p

I have setup all waht I know, and trim anything I could to do. Of course, there must be something I ignored or did not know.

In fact, Lab's members told me waiting for our pilot Tan Po-hu to test T-rex and adjust it. However, I can not put the helicopter on the table and watch it without imaging flying it!! My fingers told me "Fly~~ Fly it~~", and my mind told me "Warriors are willing to die in the battle rather than die in the peace! So does the T-Rex!! It maybe crash, but crash is far better than be stored to be ruined!!"

So, I and my 2 juniors took the T-rex and some stuff to the grass in front of our institute's building.

At the beginnig, T-rex always tilts its body before lifting off. It was really like a drunk, and we all worried about its safety (and of course ours, too). After several trials, T-rex lifted off the grass! Even I still cannot hover it, but the "control feeling" come up. It's a good start, but the transmitter's battery went into low power. Therefore, we end today's flight test with T-Rex "complete". :p

The following pictures are that T-Rex is "drunk"...

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