Monday, April 08, 2013

Some problems caused by Vistalizator

In the previous post I said using Vistalizator to change the display language in Win7 is easily. It was easy indeed, but there were some problems and I have only solved one of it.

The first problem I've encountered is more complicated and I don't have energy to figure it out. The problem was I cannot install the language pack again. Actually when I was fighting against another problem (which I will talk about later) I tried to follow other guides on the Web and removed the en-us folder in Register Editor as shown in Fig.1.
Figure 1. I've removed en-US at least twice...
Maybe this causes the following errors when I tried to install the English language pack in Vistalizator again, but just maybe, I don't know.

The another problem was that the Date and Time showed an unexpected language (later I found it was Dutch/Belgium).
Figure 2. Unexpected display language in the Time and Date.
It's not the end. I found more and more applications affected. They were gVim (Fig. 3 and 4), Calculator (Fig. 5), Excel (Fig. 6), and even the Windows Explorer (Fig. 7). Not only the display language was alien to me, the decimal mark was also changed so the dot and the comma replaced each other.

Figure 3. gVim
Figure 4. gVim
Figure 5. Calculator with unfamiliar decimal mark.
Figure 6. Excel with dot and comma exchanged.
Figure 7. Windows Explorer with unfamiliar decimal mark.
I told my colleague about the strange (to me) problem and suddenly it occurred to me that the alien decimal mark might be another system used in Dutch/Belgium. And yes, it is [2].

Okay, the decimal mark was not a big problem but it still annoyed me. The solution was so simple but I didn't know why I could not find the setting for such a long time. I found the Region and Language panel and with unknown reason the format had been set as ``Dutch (Belgium)'' as shown in Fig. 8. Set it back to English, reboot the system, and everything went back to normal state (so far).
Figure 8. Format can be set in Region and Language.

[1] Vistalizator -- Easy way to change display language in Win7
[2] Decimal mark (from Wikipedia) 

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