Saturday, February 05, 2011

VirtuaWin -- Virtual desktop manager for Windows

If you are used to working with virtual desktops or workspaces in Linux, you might feel uncomfortable when working under the Windows environment. Fortunately, VirtuaWin offers an wonderful solution. I have used VirtuaWin in my office PC for at least couples of month. Today I have to do some works in Windows in my laptop, recalled VirtuaWin, and I think this time, I should introduce this good applications to you who read this post. In addition to its excellent functions, VirtuaWin is licensed under GNU.

After downloading VirtuaWin and installing it, you can check the content of Setup by right clicking on the icon of VirtauWin, which should reside in the bottom right toolbar of the desktop.

Basic usage by default:
Alt+Ctrl+Left/Right/Up/Down: to navigate around the virtual desktops
Alt+Win+Left/Right/Up/Down: to move the working window to the next virtual desktop

Note: Its name is VirtuaWin, not VirtualWin.

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