Friday, February 18, 2011

Bring good stuffs of Linux into Windows

I love to work with Linux (Ubuntu), especially with its useful commands and tools when I need to write programs or analyse some kind of data. Sometimes, however, I have to cooperate with my colleagues, who are working with Windows and Visual Studio. Maybe I can do the coding works in Ubuntu, but I am not so good to solve all the problems related to hardware and drivers. We are always using cameras to capture images and process the streams in real-time. There are problems for me to run all the programs written by my colleagues in Ubuntu, and unfortunately I have no enough time as well as knowledge to tackle all the problems. Therefore, I have to go back to Windows for some program developments.

But, the command line environment in Windows is not so convenient as in Ubuntu. Lacking the useful commands and tools might be the most inconvenient. Cygwin is one way to run Linux commands in Windows, but it can only work within the Path in which the Cygwin is installed. Luckily, we have GunWin which provides many of the useful tools for Windows. Just click the ``Setup'' links on the page of  packages, then you will get the tools installed and you can use them directly in the Windows cmd shell.

For further introduction, please go for the following link:

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