Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trials of pycam example code

I am trying to learn something about computer version, and Python is my first choice of the coding tool. After several hours of searching, I found pycam. There are several sample codes given by the pycam. What I have downloaded was the ``pycam-read-only'' folder in which are three subdirectories:

  • c-vs-py
  • openeyes
  • pycam

To install the pycam, just find the ``'' in the subdirectory named ``pycam'' and run ``sudo python install.'' Furthermore, what you need to install might include the follows:

  • python-opencv
  • python-pygame
  • libcv-dev
  • libcvaux-dev
  • libhighgui-dev

The lib*-dev are (my guess) for the cpp codes, which need to include the cv.h and highgui.h.

So far, my testing results are:

  1. pycam-read-only/pycam/examples/: Okay, but the fps are low
  2. pycam-read-only/pycam/examples/opencv: Failed. There were errors I don't know how to resolve yet. Only the ``'' can be executed, after remove the ``cv.CV_VERSION'' at line 88. (the CV_VERSION seems not in my OpenCV.)
  3. pycam-read-only/pycam/pycam/: Failed
  4. pycam-read-only/c-vs-py/c_examples: Okay
  5. pycam-read-only/c-vs-py/py_examples: Some codes showed errors. They are,, and
EDIT: New results are given in the new post:
Trials of pycam example code (2)

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