Sunday, November 02, 2014

Setting up the Wifi connection of BeagleBone Black (Angstrom)

The Wifi adaptor was UWN200

Several months ago, I've followed the course of ``Control of Mobile Robots'' on Coursera. Although I've finished the course, but the hardware part has been postponed for these months.

I determined to record the tests on the hardware, and here is the first post on the topic.

The following procedure based on the course lecture.

Step 0: I used my mobile phone as the Wifi hotspot for the BBB internet connection.

Step 1: Connect the USB cable between the BBB and the PC. Plug the Wifi adaptor as well.

Step 2: Log in BBB using ssh. Just type the follows in the terminal of host PC:
ssh -l root

Step 3: (from now on, all the commands will be working in BBB) Use the following command to get the hashed string which will be pasted in the configuration file:
wpa_passphrase "your network name here" 'your password here'
Step 4: Paste the hashed string into /var/lib/connman/wifi.config. The content of the wifi.config looks like:
Type = wifi
AutoConnect = true
Favorite = true
Name = your network name
Passphrase = your hashed password

I have encountered problems in the Wifi connection when I reflash my eMMC with new Angstrom images. I tried the newest version (2013.09.04) and an old one, but got no luck.

The newer Angstrom could identify the Wifi adaptor (by using lsusb, the terminal returned a message with the Wifi adaptor's company name), but all the same settings just couldn't make BBB connecting to the internet.

After trying for several days, I decided to go back to the Debian image again, and here is the note: BeagleBone Black Wifi connection and VNC settings (Debian).

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