Monday, November 10, 2014

BeagleBone Black Wifi connection and VNC settings (Debian)

As mentioned in my previous post (Setting up the Wifi connection of BeagleBone Black (Angstrom)), I couldn't make Wifi connection with the Angsrom images, and decided to test Debian image again.

[A brief note for my first test with the Debian image]
Actually I installed the Debian image several days ago, and did set the Wifi connection successfully. When I tried to update the system, however, the terminal replied with error message said that my system had no enough space. So I went back to Angstrom. And now I'm back to Debian again.

The Debian image was large. After the installation, I checked the disk usage by typing ``df -h''... 93% used... It's crazy.

So, after reflash the on-board eMMC of BBB, I removed something like /usr/share/doc, Chromium, and even Vim (there's vi for later usage). This time, the system updated without errors.

The following paragraphs were my note on the Wifi settings of the BBB with Debian image, and then the VNC settings. Most of the steps were following the guide: BeagleBone Black Ubuntu WiFi Installation and Troubleshooting Guide.

PART 1 Wifi settings

Step 1: Make sure the system know the Wifi adaptor. Use ``lsusb'' and the system return the detected devices. In my case, it's the line with ``Ralink Technology, Corp.''

Step 2: Check ``/etc/rcn-ee.conf'' and make sure it contain the following settings:
Step 3: Edit ``/etc/network/interfaces'' with the following settings:
auto ra0
iface ra0 inet dhcp 
wpa-ssid your_network_name
wpa-psk your_hashed_password 
Finally, restart the BBB system.

PART 2 VNC settings

This part was easy. All the steps were the same as that of my another previous post (Connect to Beaglebone Black via VNC client in Ubuntu 12.04). The only different setting was the starting command of the VNC server (the BBB):
x11vnc -bg -o %HOME/.x11vnc.log.%VNCDISPLAY -auth /var/run/lightdm/root/:0 -forever

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