Thursday, April 28, 2011

Great tool for LaTeX users working with MS Word -- Bibtex4Word

I was writing conference papers which have only templates in MS Word, and was wondering how to cite the references and to produce the bibliography in Word as easy as that in LaTeX. Then I found Bibtex4Word.

Most MS Word users might type the bibliography list manually, and it is really a tedious work. Inconsistent formatting style might be a main problem of manually typing the bibliography. The format should be done automatically, and should be changed easily to other styles. Just all the natural things in LaTeX.

Bibtex4Word can do the work pretty nice. I have installed and tested with it. Other programs needed are:
  • JabRef: to produce and to manage the bib file of your references
  • MikeTeX: to provide BibTeX for Bibtex4Word so that it can output formatted bibliography list
No need to worry about the formatting is really great. :-)

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  1. Hello,

    today we released Docear4Word, an add-on for Microsoft Word that can do the same as BibTeX4Word but which is more user friendly. It's easier to install (no MikTeX required), you can easily select out of 1700 citation styles and have a comfortable "add" dialog to add a reference. Docear4Word is free to use and open source. Any feedback on how to further improve it is highly appreciated.

    Read more about Docear4Word here:
    Or read the Blog:

    Best regards
    Joeran (Docear Team,