Friday, August 02, 2013

Building OpenCV libs and dlls using CMake in Windows 7

(This is a simple note of my building process.)

As mentioned in the previous post, in which  I tried the GrabCut by using the OpenCV's library. Because I didn't have libs and dlls for debug mode, so I tried to use CMake to build them for my own usage.

First I went to OpenCV website to download the latest stable version 2.4.6. The source code for Windows were packed in a exe file. Don't worry about it, just download it and click it and the 7zip will extract the whole source package for you. In my case, the extracted folder was named ``opencv''.

Then I lauched CMake GUI, chose the location where the extracted folder was located, and chose the build directory for the building files.

Click the ``Configure'' button and if everything is okay then the ``Generate'' button. In my case, I'd chosen the generator as ``Visual Studio 2005'' (at a certain step I didn't rememberd0, so the generating result contained an OpenCV.sln in the build folder.

The final step was just click the OpenCV.sln to launch the Visual Studio and then Build the project for Debug and Release mode. The products were located in the build/bin and build/lib directories.

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