Wednesday, January 23, 2013

iBus 的行列輸入法 (Array30 input method of iBus)

If you want to use Array30 input method in iBus, remember to choose ``ibus-array'' package instead of ``ibus-table-array30''. The former one acts identical to that runs on Windows and makes fast input possible.

Once you installed ibus-array successfully, there will be an icon with blue character as the following one:
ibus-array icon

If your icon is a red one looks like this:
ibus-table-array30 icon
then you have the wrong choice.


如果你想使用 iBus 的行列30,記得選「ibus-array」,不要選「ibus-table-array30」。前一個用起來才會跟 Windows 的版本一樣,也才能使用簡碼。


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