Monday, March 22, 2010

[SW] Use ps2pdf to convert EPS to PDF

Sometimes we need to convert the eps files to the pdf format. To utilize ps2pdf is a straightforward choice. However, it's not easy, at least for me, to find out how to use some options. Fortunately, I found one article mentioned about how to fit the eps figure to the output pdf:

EPS to PDF : how to avoid clipping

Just to use the ``-dEPSFitPage'' option. More options can be found at the following site:

How to use Ghostscript

(I tried the option ``-dOREIENT1=true/false'' but has no expected results. I cannot find related solution. There is a bug report that followed no further response: ``[Bug-gs] Lanscape view instead of Portrait of a pdf file'')

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