Monday, October 26, 2009

[SW] Learning Lsip using Vim as the editor

I prefer Vim over Emacs. One day, I happened to be curious about Lisp, and then found the page ``Practical Common Lisp.'' The so-called ``programming environment'' confused me. Furthermore, Emacs seems to be the standard (or mainstream) editor/environment for the Lisp programming.

I've set the Emacs and SLIME for a try, but it's not easy for me to remember the key stroking in Emacs. So I also found some approaches to let me learning Lisp with my beloved Vim.

The first approach I found was: slime.vim, but I do neither understand the script nor the steps. After trying and trying, I gave it up.

The second approach is to install the Limp, a plugin for Vim. It does not work identically to what has shown on the web page, but it seems not bad and simple enough for me.

(Maybe my problems are due to my poor understanding of how Lisp works.)

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