Monday, May 04, 2009

[SW] SoundConverter

I was searching a software to convert my ogg files to mp3 format (for my mp3 player, which doesn't know the ogg files). Several days ago, I found the SoundConverter, which is an application in GNOME environment.

If you have some sound or music files to convert the format, I think the SoundConverter is a good choice.
[edit: 2010/12/28]
To use the SoundConverter in the command line, here is an example to convert *.ogg to *.mp3.
(Why bother to convert ogg to mp3? Because I have an old music player which doesn't support ogg format! :-p )

Suppose you are in the folder containing ogg audio files:
$ soundconverter -b -m audio/mpeg -s .mp3 *.ogg

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