Thursday, March 01, 2007

[SW] Scilab

Scilab Homepage

I downloaded it several months ago, but haven't spend time to understand it yet.

These days I encountered some problem in my Kalman Filter C code. For 2 by 2 matrix, everything is fine. When I rewrote the program for 3 by 3 case, however, it went overflow with causes I cannot figure out... Orz

Therefore, I think it is necessary to write the code in something like Matlab. Open and free software occurred to me, and it is the downloaded Scilab.

Hope I can get familiar with it as soon as possible, or my research progress will be delayed more. :-p

Here is a homepage including informations and tutorial materials about Scilab:

Another basic tutorial: (added at 2009/05/22)
Master Scilab! by Finn Haugen

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