Tuesday, December 12, 2006

[Heli] Unmanned Helicopter Project: H-LING

H-LING is one project of our lab. It is supported by National Science Council.

Our goal is to make the helicopter hover automatically. There were many flight tests to get data for system identification or some kind of analysis.

I am very lucky to involve in this project. For testing the vehicle, I have many opportunities to flight the helicopters. They are Raptor-90, 50, and even Hirobo Freya.

Here are some photos about our flight test on Novemver 24th, 2006.

Raptor-90 was ready to take off. I just checked it before our test pilot's coming.

I was talking to our test pilot (Tan Po-hu, the left one) to let he know what kind of flight data we want to get.

Our H-LING vehicle (Raptor-90) with the onboard computer and sensors.

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  1. Very interesting!, lots of helis.