Sunday, September 10, 2006

[Heli] Head-in Hovering

I tried to hover the T-rex head-in one more month ago. I did it! but not good enough. T-rex even flied too far away so that I cannot handle it. Of course it dropt from about 3 or 4 meters height. Only minor damage ocuured, Lucky!

After self-training in the simulator, I think it is time to try again. I took the T-rex outdoor yesterday, and hovered it tail-in then head-in. This time, I held it in better situation and the T-rex landed with some minor accidents. So far, I have more confidence with the head-in hovering.

Today I and my junior, Weoileong, took R-50 Titan to do its maiden flight. In fact, it had been flew and tuned by Tan Bun-jin, who is the boss of Beng-ka R/C model shop. So, maybe I should say that today is our maiden flight with the new R-50.

Oh, it must be mentioned that today is Woeileong's first flight with the R/C helicopter. He did pretty well in the simulator, and I think he can do the real hovering.

I started the engine smoothly (new is good~~), and then tried to do the hovering. After some trim on the transmitter, R-50 performed better than my expectation. I hoered it tail-in, and then, again, I turned the R-50 with the tail rotor. I did the head-in hovering!

Today's flight is Woeileong's first hovering with real R/C heli, and is also my first head-in hovering with glow engine heli. Today is a memorable day! :-D

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