Tuesday, May 09, 2006

[Heli] Raptor 30 with CCD camera tracking

Several months ago, my junior Scott plan to use small electric helicopter (T-rex) to carry his CCD camera for tracking experience. After several tests, we still cannot reduce all the hardware's weight to as light as T-rex can lift up.

In fact, we once thought that my skill is not good enough to handle the T-rex with heavy payload. After Po-hu's flight test, however, we realized that the hardware is too heavy for our poor T-rex. Even we change the battery and speed controller, the T-rex still have a "power drop" after its take-off. I believe it was due to the over weighted payload. The weight induced over current and then triggered the speed controller's protection mechanism to reduce the battery's electric output.

So we decided to change the platform, from T-rex to the Raptor-30. The Raptor-30 is an old helicopter from Po-fu. Scott installed his CCD camera and other hardware on this old Raptor, and I flew it this afternoon. Altough my skill is not good, the Raptor still complete its work, and Scott obtained the experimental results he wants! :-)

Here is the photo of the transmitter, FF-7, also from Po-fu. It is the oldest one I have used so far.

After the flight today, I think my hovering skill have to be improved... :-p

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